Frequently asked questions

Is Square right for my business?

Scandi is a good fit for both single, multi-location full service, multi-location counter service restaurants, bakeries, coffee shops and pretty much any business Square supports

I already have a website, why do I need Scandi?

Unlike a website, Scandi offers a fully interactive and intuitive experience, packed with features to help you run and manage your online business, packaged in a professionally looking app that runs on any device on any screen.

Is Scandi really free?

Yes! Scandi is totally free to use. you can launch your app in just 1 click—all for free. Your only cost is your usual Square fees when you make a sale—just 2.9% + 30c per transaction.

Does my online store integrate with my Square POS or Square Reader?

Yes. Scandi offers you an end-to-end complete integration with Square releiving you from the headach and errors of manual reconciliation between separate ordering platforms and your Square POS.

Do people need to download an app to use Scandi?

Not at all. Scandi runs 100% on the web. All they need to do is open your app link in Chrome, Safari or any other browser and start buying from you.