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Apart from skiing, there are many activities to do in Hakuba.


Snow Monkey Tour


Visit the world-famous Jigokudani Monkey Park, one of Nagano's most popular winter destinations.  The park is home to the only group of monkeys known to naturally soak in hot springs.  Look online for tours to take you around the park.




There are numerous indoor and outdoor onsens (hot springs) located around Hakuba.  Each of the onsens offer their own unique experience.  Look online for the different onsens near Hakuba and also make sure you are also aware of basic onsen etiquette.




Matsumoto is the second largest city in Nagano and is home to the beautiful Matsumoto Castle.  Within Matsumoto you can also find the Daiso Wasabi Farm and the Japan Ukiyoe Museum which holds the world's largest private collection of ukiyo-e (woodblock prints).




Visit Omachi to feel in touch with nature and have a country experience.  Make pizza with rice flour and do much more at the Alps Azumino Government Park - a beautiful park with creative workshops that utilize nature.  Alternatively, if you are in Omachi during the respective Harvest seasons you can enjoy apple picking (mid-September to mid-November) or blueberry picking and jam making (late-July to mid-August).  Omachi also boasts a variety of unique local specialties which are further detailed online here.

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